buy the set of two books for just £26.50

Capturing the Spirit – Hidden Delights of King’s College is now available to buy online as a small 210x210mm silk paperback book. Just £12.50 each.

Barnwell Priory – A study of the Cellarer’s Chequer and the Abbey Church, is now available to buy online. Just £18 each.

“Rare Books” – Carefully curated selections of photographs are available in Rare Book format. These bespoke handmade bound volumes contain between 10-40 fine art giclee prints on archival cotton fine art paper with pigment-based long-lasting ink, each of which is hand-annotated by the artist. The binding itself includes archival interleaves and a custom designed and cut box individual to each series. Each Rare Book is one of a numbered edition out of 15. Customisation is possible with title page and introductory text. Lead time required is a few weeks; expedited service sometimes available (please enquire). Rare Books are available for any of the photographic collections. Please enquire for exact pricing, but a rough guide is from £700/£1015/£1600 for 10/20/40 prints. Bookbinding in London by the amazing Charlotte or see her instagram feed (who also took the above photos, thanks Charlotte!). Please enquire.

Upcoming Publications

Library series – Large “coffee table” book, available in late 2019

King’s College Chapel series – Large “coffee table” book, available in late 2019