artist biography

Although my photography takes many forms, I am drawn towards the (controversial) ‘aesthetic formalist’ approach that historically (arguably) began with the idea of industrial equipment possessing beauty and “art for art’s sake” (late 18th century philosophers, Emmanuel Kant, Theophile Gautier, etc). The aesthetic formalist ideas were later enlarged upon by the 1920s Bloomsbury Group’s Clive Bell and his (circular) idea of ‘significant form’ – that a good work of art is so defined by its ability to provoke ‘aesthetic emotion’ in the viewer and has little, if anything, to do with subject identification nor representation.

I like to take things out of context to lead the viewer towards the expressivity of details and aesthetic lines. I investigate the concept of emotion conveyed by subtle differences in weight, texture, and strength of the elemental line – examining emotion and simplicity within textures, shadows, spaces, and details.

life biography

Photography has held my interest since I was six years old working in the field and in the darkroom with my grandma. Despite these early artistic inclinations however, seismology caught and held my interest through a PhD and first career in research, lecturing, and running a Masters programme in Australia. Ultimately, artistic yearnings took precedence over academic science and I left seismology, at about the same time that I married a seismologist. Following family for the next few years, I lived in rural Scotland with my husband and our young daughter, during which time I further honed my photographic skills. We relocated to Cambridge at the end of 2016, from where I now run a full-time fine art photography studio. I live with my husband and our daughter, living in and loving the Riverside area.

I also do graphic design – click here to learn more.

a little bit more…

I love my morning coffee, ashtanga yoga, my family, and cozy pajamas. I am an avid traveler and admirer of formalism and abstract expressionism. I love fresh food and wish I made more time to read. My favourite movie quote is from The Contender: “Principles don’t mean very much if you don’t stick by them when it’s inconvenient.”